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After 18 years working with the electronic manufacturing industry, we have a unique perspective on both manufacturing and operations. We have assisted countless companies in selecting and implementing the best solution for their needs.


We want to connect each company with the best solution for their needs. Through collaboration, we can identify your specific requirements and select the tool that will meet your needs today, and work for you for many years to come.


By working exclusively with solutions tailored to the electronics industry, we know we are providing the best fit possible. Each product has a proven track record and fills a specific niche. See for yourself how the right solution can make all the difference.


Quotes Made Simple

What is CalcuQuote?

Know Your Real Costs

Integrate with suppliers to instantly

receive preferred pricing, while activity-
based labor estimation produces

accurate calculations of assembly costs.


Continuous Improvement

Record projects as won or lost, or set

reminders to follow-up with a customer.

Review win ratio by customer, by

salesperson, or by quantities quoted.

Save Hours on Quotes


Pull pricing from suppliers in real-time

and integrate with ERP systems to

eliminate tedious and redundant data

entry throughout the RFQ process.


Treat Quoting as a Process

Data from each assembly is stored in

one place, and is easy to find, edit, or

review. Workflow triggers notify team

members of new tasks assigned to them.

CalcuQuote is a comprehensive quote management system for high-mix, low-volume EMS companies.

With easy-to-use workflow, real-time pricing from suppliers, labor estimation, and sophisticated

success metrics, CalcuQuote brings unrivaled speed, accuracy, and efficiency to the EMS industry.

Powered by CalcuQuote, EMS companies are quoting more and winning more business.

We are excited to start offering another solution geared towards your industry. We will be updating this section with additional details very soon.

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"For this industry, MANEX is the best thing available."
~ Dan, OR
"We all love this. It’s just made all of our life so much better. But I bet you get to hear that all the time"
~Sarah, IL
"No one else understands our industry like MANEX"
~Jim, UT
"You can't find another system that does what MANEX does."
~ Justin, CA
"We have better control of our inventory now."
~Vinh, MA
"We love you guys, CalcuQuote is amazing."
~ Debra, NH
"[CalcuQuote] is going to change the way everyone does business."
~ Erik, MS





Publish & Track

Publish and deliver the

quote, and set follow-
up reminders to help

track win ratios

Profit Markup


Add separate markup

to materials, labor, and

sales, as well as each

quantity and turn time

Labor Estimation


Accurately estimate

labor by selecting

custom, pre-configured

routing steps

Material Costing


CalcuQuote pulls

material pricing and

availability information

with one click